Furniture Movers

The moment you decide to change your place of living you will face a bunch of issues – mostly how to move your possession without damages. The biggest problem is moving furniture. It can be heavy, not easy to transport, and in addition to that quite fragile. Our furniture movers in the Bay Area has all the equipment to ensure this task. We have great experience working with pianos, wardrobes, pool tables, and other heavy stuff.

If you are looking for an affordable moving company in the Bay Area, you can rely on us.

Relocation Services For Commercial Moving

You can order assistance in the following services:

  • Long-distance moving – we will help you to move to another city or state. To load your goods, we bring a new truck a team of movers who will be in charge of loading and unloading every item at the final point.
  • Local moving – if you need to move your home or apartment we are ready to help.
  • Packing and assembling – our movers have all the necessary equipment and materials to wrap a client’s goods. We pack a client’s stuff to make sure it completely protected from any possible damage.
  • Storage units – in the case you have to improve the state of your new place, we can keep your possession in dry storage rooms.

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