Privacy Policy

We are grateful for visiting our website This website offers information for people who require moving and all the adjusting to relocation services.

This Privacy Policy was created to explain the way how our company is collecting, using, and disclosing data received from the guests of our website. When you pay a visit to our website and decide to submit any information, it is a confirmation that you agree with our collecting, using and disclosing it according to the terms listed in Privacy Policy.


Get Local Moving aims at protecting the privacy of every visitor’s personal data received by us. We never admit selling or sharing it to third parties and we can use it only for providing information or performing services ordered.


It is not obligatory to register on the site to visit it. Respecting every person’s right for privacy, our goal is to collect, use, and disclose information in the way it is mentioned in the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Every visitor who enters our site should know that our web server recognizes the domain that is required for our further internal review. It is excluded that any data might be ever shared with third parties if it is not allowed by law, especially with the commercial goals.

Anther information that is gathered by the website automatically is cookies for identification of your PC. You can disable cookies directly in your browser or using additional software.

We gather all the data through Google Analytics, so according to Google Guidelines UP addresses are anonymized.

All the information received is available only for the trusted workers of our company.


Our company reserves the right to change the conditions of the following Privacy Policy without notifying our clients. Any alterations to the existing policy are added to the website and come valid only after that.


Every visitor of our website is offered a possibility to ask for a moving quote. To achieve this goal, we encourage our visitors to share certain moving details and some personal data. These facts are stored both in the browser of the person and the company’s internal system and we use it only when it comes to performing the services requested. We advise visitors who fill in the quote form to mention their name, address, telephone number, and email. When you start typing your personal data, it is a confirmation of your agreement with the points of this Privacy Policy. The information saved in your browser is cleared off immediately after you submit the form.


When you include your personal facts and email address to Get Local Moving, you agree to allow Get Local Moving company to use it according to the terms of this Privacy Policy. We believe that this express content corresponds with the applicable law requirements. Additionally, any email from Get Local Moving will contain instructions on how to opt out or unsubscribe from this type of communication.


We are committed to keeping all the personal data received in total security. For this purpose, Get Local Moving company uses administrative, technical, personnel, and physical guards to protect it. Only a limited number of people has access to data received and they put much effort to guarantee its protection from losses, thefts, and unauthorized uses or modifications. Our website features an advanced security technology for keeping your information in safety.


Get Local Moving does not bear responsibility for the personal facts sharing and content on the sites, links to which are provided on our site. Each of these platforms will gather its own data including cookies, so we are unable to control that. It will be reasonable to contact web admins of the websites you went to get a more detailed explanation about the way data is used by them.


We admit that dealing with your request might require that your personal data must be shared with third parties. In order to complete the request, we may share it with certain Vendors who will perform these services for you. The following vendors guarantee their protection of your personal data and promise not to share it too. However, we are not ready to be responsible for the Vendor’s not disclosing of your personal data, so we provide all the necessary contacts of the Vendor to ask for any questions or concerns if there are any.

If we get a request to disclose any fact from your personal data meeting the terms of the applicable laws (subpoena, allegations of infringement of copyright or other proprietary rights), we are obliged to disclose it to third parties.


This website is not meant to be used by people under 18 years. We avoid collecting any personal data of children who are under 13 years old. If a child younger than 13 years shares his or her personal facts with us, we will delete it immediately.